Illustrated Travel Journal

Since, as an illustrator, I can execute my customers’ projects regardless of location, I have been working from abroad from time to time since March 2023.

Together with my partner Christoph I’ve been working remotely from different cities in Europe for the past months. I regularly document my impressions of the cities we live in in my sketchbook. If you’re interested in sketchbook illustrations, short travel reports and recommendations, you’ve come to the right place!

September 2023

Pergamino Café ​Coffee
Saturday, September 9

Colombia is known for its amazing coffee and a lot of the coffee we buy in Europe is actually grown in Colombia. In no other country we visited have we had such high quality and delicious coffee as in Colombia! While there are of course countless coffee places in Medellín, we found our absolute favorite café in our district “Laureles”. The beautiful café is called “Pergamino” and is somewhat hidden between normal houses in one of the residential areas of Medellín.

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Fruits ​Food
Thursday, September 7

One of the best things about Colombia, besides the beautiful landscape and the good coffee, was the availability of incredibly delicious, fresh fruit!

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Empanadas ​Food
Tuesday, September 5

Like in every country we visit, Christoph and I were once again looking for delicious street food. This time in Medellín, Colombia! However, since we lived in a fairly quiet residential area in Medellín, this search turned out to be quite difficult. After a few days we came across a small restaurant that had no doors and was open to the street (therefore counting as a street food stall), where a lovely Colombian grandma was frying dough.

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Sunday, September 3

The next big adventure has begun! After many amazing weeks in Europe, we decided to leave Europe and flew to South America in September. For the first time in our lives we visited Colombia, where we rented an apartment in the city of Medellín.

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