Meet an Illustrator: A Workshop for Kids
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Meet an Illustrator: A Workshop for Kids

Picture books surround kids — but how are they made? »Meet an Illustrator« pulls back the curtain with an interactive workshop for children ages 7 through 12.

From early draft to proofread text, from first sketches to final illustrations: Getting a book into print is a long process. In this workshop, kids learn what it takes to create a picture book. They get to look at examples for every step and can ask the questions they always wanted to ask a professional illustrator, like »Can you draw everything from memory?«, »Have you always been able to draw well?« or »How do you come up with a good story?«.

In the interactive part of the workshop, the kids get to be creative themselves. Through guided exercises, they start sketching and drawing, come up with stories and characters. This part depends on the kids’ age and enthusiasm, but from simple coloring pictures to self-bound books, anything is possible. Having taught art classes in three languages (German, English, and Spanish), I am an experienced coach and can meet the children where they are. In the end, everyone will have created something they can be proud of!

The duration and structure of the workshop can be adapted in consultation with you, for example, if you want to set a specific focus.

This workshop is great for …

  • schools

  • libraries

  • youth centers

It will …

  • teach the children the process of how books are made

  • let the children express themselves creatively

  • increase the children’s appreciation for books

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