I want to make sure to deliver the most value to my clients, so I adapt my process for every project. But in case you are wondering how I work, this is how the magic generally happens:

Step 1

The Briefing

The first step is figuring out what you need.

Maybe you already have a pretty good idea of what you want — in that case, I’m all ears!

But if not, don’t worry. Giving you advice on illustrations is what I am here for, after all! Just reach out and tell me about your idea! I am happy to give recommendations and help you find the style that suits your project’s tone of voice, and together we can develop the briefing.


At the end of this, you and I know exactly what you need: How many illustrations, in which style, in which format, and how soon.

Step 2

The Offer

Based on your briefing, I prepare an offer so you will know exactly how much budget you need to put aside and how fast I can deliver — for you, there are no strings attached!

You take the offer and think about it, and if you agree, we’ve got a deal.


At the end of this step, you get a clear statement of what your illustrations would cost and when you’d get them, as well as which usage rights you’d get.

Step 3

Sketches & Feedback

Now the fun part starts! I start developing your illustrations and prepare sketches for you. Then I send them to you for feedback, and you honestly tell me what you think.

This step makes sure that your final illustrations are exactly as you imagined them.


At the end of this, you get pencil sketches of your illustrations that you give feedback on.

Step 4

Final Artwork

I take the sketches we discussed and turn them into accurate, colorful, and attractive illustrations — in the style that we discussed in Step 1!

Of course, this is the most crucial step for me, but all you got to do is keep your curiosity in check.


At the end of this, you get a preview file of the final illustrations.

Step 5


I want you to be thrilled with the illustrations I create for you. So now is the time for you to look at them closely and pass on any corrections.


At the end of this, you get a final preview version of the illustrations that includes all your corrections.

Step 6


After everything is done, I send you the final digital files in high resolution.

The format depends on what you want to do with them, so you get them in the best format for your case, as discussed in Step 1.


At the end of this, you get a directory with all illustrations in a high-resolution format that best suits your needs.

That’s it

All done!

And with that, we are all done, and you are the proud owner of your custom illustrations.

Pleasure doing business with you!

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