3D Illustrations of a Treehouse

3D Illustrations
Front of the Treehouse during the day Front of the Treehouse during the night

Front of the Treehouse

I am always looking for new techniques to try and broaden my repertoire. This is my first foray into 3D illustration.

Try moving the slider on each scene to seamlessly switch between day and night!

Back of the Treehouse during the day Back of the Treehouse during the night

Back of the Treehouse

The treehouse is based on a children’s book that I am currently working on. I added many small details to give the scene a lively and quaint look. I also experimented with different kinds of lighting and reflection to play to the strengths of 3D modeling and rendering.

Door during day Door during night


Balcony during day Balcony during night


By creating custom materials using noisy textures like metal sheets or rocks, I achieved an aesthetic that is not as squeaky clean and artificial as most 3D scenes.

Side during day Side during night


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Children’s Book

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