Theo Grotesk

Type Design, 2020

There is a simpleheartedness in the way children write, that gets lost as they get older. In order to capture this spirit, I took my 8-year-old brother’s handwriting and turned it into a typeface. »Theo Grotesk« is a script type, with broad language support – seen from the eyes of a child.

You can download the typeface for free, but if you want to support my work you can buy me a coffee via PayPal.

01 — Introducing Theo Grotesk
02 — Works for all kinds of content!
03 — While typing e’s and a’s are mixed up for a more natural feel.
04 — There are tons of special characters.
05 — … including some mathematical symbols an 8-year-old has probably never seen before.
06 — The basic alphabet.
07 — Special characters and diacritics.
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